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Oleo-Mac PPX270 Polesaw

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Oleo-Mac® Polesaws designed for lopping and trimming branches overhead without the need for ladders or mechanical access systems, or when working on uneven or sloping ground.

  • Thanks to the telescopic pole extending up to 3.12 metres (no tools required) the PPX270 will make cuts 5 metres above ground.
  • With the saw head also adjustable through 5 intermediate positions from 0° - 90°, this is a market leading pruner unique in its class, delivering top performance in any operating position and giving a better view of the cutting area.
  • Aluminium engine shroud affording superior mechanical strength.
  • Professional type oiler ensures constant lubrication of the bar and chain.
  • 12" Guide bar.
  • 3/8" Low profile pitch chain.
  • A primer which facilitates starting even in the harshest climates.
  • Throttle trigger lock out.
  • Bar scabbard.
  • Combination spanner.


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