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Oleo-Mac HC265XP 24`` Hedge Trimmer

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Oleo-Mac® Hedge Trimmers are light weight, powerful and robust: just what you need to confidently tackle all types of hedges, no matter how tough or dense. Featuring high quality blades and gearboxes to guarantee consistent long term efficiency, maximum productivity and minimum effort. Suitable for topiary and general gardening; machines that do a perfect job, characterised by the cleanest of cutting actions. These are machines featuring an excellent blend of power with ease of handling and operation: Tools anyone can use, young or old, beginner or expert. Quality blades guarantee to give a clean precise cut, which is paramount for the visual impact, and the health of the plants.

  • "Lift starter": an engine starting system that automatically inhibits the choke when the throttle is opened fully, thereby eliminating the risk of flooding the carburettor.
  • Adjustable blades which adapt to all gardens , even resinous plants.
  • Optimum performance even with blunt blades.
  • Aluminium gearbox. Drive train with pinion mounted on bearings.
  • Connecting rod with roller bearings.
  • Vibration damping system composed of springs and rubber mounts: completely isolates the handles from the rest of the tool for maximum user comfort, even after prolonged use.
  • Rear handle rotatable through 180° (90° clockwise and 90° counterclockwise) with 5 intermediate positions for maximum versatility, also making it possible to work immediately up against a wall.
  • Light weight and powerful high-quality, commercial-duty engine.
  • High blade speed - But blades stop in less than one second upon throttle release.
  • 24" (600 mm) Double sided blades.
  • Ergonomic handle with throttle safety lock.



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